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Name:Megan Santiago // Pacific Rim OC
Birthdate:Jan 21
Location:United States of America
to fight monsters, we created monsters of our own.
- FULL NAME: Megan Aracely Santiago - AGE: 28 - DATE OF BIRTH: 01.21.99 - DEPARTMENT: Mechanical Engineering - TITLE(S): Ranger

B I O G R A P H Y: Originally born in Newark, New Jersey, Megan Santiago never really had the opportunity to know her mother. As it turns out the woman had been an addict who had only been clean for a short time before having her older brother, Marco, but (as most addicts do) sadly relapsed shortly after he was born. By the grace of God her father welcomed a healthy baby girl into the world two years later, and six months after that the woman took off, leaving the older man to raise Megan the best he could. Which meant that she knew all the basic parts that made up a car’s engine by the age of five and was a total tomboy. You can imagine just how excited he was about that.

She traded chasing after boys for being chased after by the cops. If one looked past all the times she was jumped (or perhaps counted them all?) one would say she succeeded in being accepted as “one of the guys”. Despite all the run-ins she had growing up she actually applied herself in school to appease the old man while continuing to work in his garage as so-called penance for all the grief she put him through. She was fourteen when Trespasser emerged from the sea and destroyed San Francisco, and a year later her father had herself and her brother pack up their things when he received word that there was an organization (the PPDC) on the look out for trained mechanics. Thus began Megan’s complete and utter fascination with Jaegers and all their mechanical components when they touched down in LA’s Shatterdome.

Despite her father being accepted into the fold with the old school training he had, both Marco and Megan applied themselves in getting into the Jaeger program. Her brother more-so to become a Pilot while Megan wanted to actually be more hands on with the Jaegers themselves and help design and construct them. It wasn’t until she met another student in her second to last year that incited the fire and fanned the flames of her becoming a Pilot. Naturally this led to a bit of a tiff between the siblings because of how long Marco had been trying to convince Megan to be his Co-pilot and she had always shot the idea down. This in turn drove a wedge between them because Megan couldn’t comprehend why Marco felt so wounded and although their relationship has mended since then- he still likes to hold it over her head.

C H A S I N G . T H E . R A B I T: Megan was eighteen when Yamarashi attacked LA. She had been on her way back from grabbing a bite to eat when all hell broke loose and when it had her first instinct had been to jump out of the car and help people to safety. It was while she was sprinting for cover of her own that she saw there were still people trapped inside a nearby building. Again, her initial reaction had been to aid them and just as she had been getting ready to run she was stopped by an older man who told her that they were safer inside than out on the street. In the end the building had been reduced to rubble once the battle between the kaiju and Gipsy Danger had ended. Even ten years later she still feels guilty about not having done something and on occasion she’ll see their faces in her dreams.

Knowing of all that could go wrong within the Drift when letting someone else into your head- and vice versa- she's very hesitant about finding or being someone's partner.

A D D I T I O N A L . N O T E S: Just because monsters rose from the ocean it didn’t mean the ones out on the streets took a rest. Having run around like a hooligan while she was growing up she’s a rough and tumble kind of girl. Thankfully the years spent in school and training helped smooth out the edges a bit.
mun & muse 21+ // EST

I honestly haven't seen this movie nearly enough, but I'm open to threading anything set before, during, or even after the film. So please don't be shy.
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